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16th March 2012

Project Mayhem homework assignments

The assignment:
"Go into a shop and hide an Adam Sandler or Kevin James DVD somewhere no one will ever find it."

Completed by: Neil & Wendy Alcock

Here you can see a copy of Adam Sandler's Grown Ups wedged permanently behind the poster rack at the HMV in Islington.

Wendy hid a copy of Kevin James' Zookeeper under a palette of Easter Eggs, ensuring that one will find it until at least gone Easter.

As a bonus, the Alcocks also cunningly hid a copy of Zookeeper behind four other copies of Zookeeper, which means it'll go untouched for a while.
The assignment:
"Take a prostitute's calling card from a public phone box and leave it someplace inappropriate."

Completed by: Cliff Looker

Any place you'd care to put a hooker's calling card could be considered 'inappropriate', but yeah, a children's 'ride-on' toy certainly qualifies.

Even more so when it counts as a middle-finger to George Lucas.
The assignment:
"Draw a cock on something."

Completed by: Gavin Loud

Gavin went cock crazy, I'm guessing not for the first time.
The assignment:
"Deface the media: draw some rude grafitti on the cover of a magazine."

Completed by: Matt Risley

Loses points for use of Photoshop, gains points for picture of me swiped from Facebook. What can I say, I'm an egotist.
The assignment:
"Deface the media: draw some rude grafitti on the cover of a newspaper."

Completed by: Charlie Lyne

He'll be on Fleet Street before you know it with moxie like this.
The assignment:
"Give the middle finger to a franchise coffee bar."

Completed by: Rob Young

I was thinking more Starbucks, but fair enough: fuck you Caffe Nero, with your stupid, delicious lattes.
The assignment:
"Moon a franchise fast food restaurant."

Completed by: Nick Lewis

Bonus points for each horrified onlooker. Technically he's mooning the cameraman, but I liked the balaclava touch, so it's in.
The assignment:
"Put something where it doesn't belong."

Completed by: Kate Moore

This came with the caption: "Spot the frozen pineapple." It's my favourite.
The assignment:
"Arrange cuddly toys in a sexy position in a toy store."

Completed by: Joni Smith

Said Cookie Monster: "NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM."

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