Video supercut: Animals WERE harmed in the making of this movie


11th June 2012

Cuddly pets... inspiring wildlife... loyal, dependable animals that would give their right hoof to protect you in a gunfight. Sometimes it's just fun to watch as them get seven shades of fur knocked out of them.

I recently sat down to watch The Grey (aka Wolfpuncher: Thirst Blood) and was surprised to find that, rather than the man vs beast killer thriller promised by the trailers, the film was rather a tender meditation on bereavement. All set against the intimate backdrop of punching wolves right in the kisser.

While this made for a mature, sensitive film, I couldn't help but feel a little short-changed by the lack of wolfy-combat. I began to reminisce about all the great times in films when well-respected - and not so well-respected - actors fought against some of nature's most primal predators.

Oh, wait... I feel a SUPERCUT coming on! (*does sexy dance*)

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