We need to go deeper: enjoy the web's best Inception memes


6th December 2010

Inception is out today on DVD, which is all the reason I need to collect and present the funniest Inception memes on the internet.

Poor me. I'm currently in the birthday zone i.e. that couple of weeks before your birthday where you're not allowed to buy anything, in case someone else buys it for you. So, even though I've been waiting about six months for Inception's DVD release, I've still got to wait another week. And they say Haitians have it tough.

Anyway, Inception entered the internet's collective conciousness (see what I did there) pretty quickly, and resulted in some of the funniest web LULZ of the year. There are literally dozens of variations on each one of these, so I've tried to pick the best of the best. Do remind me if I've missed some in the comments thread at the bottom.

Just when you thought the 'Yo Dawg' Xzibit meme had run its course...

Meet Inception Cat. We've all seen Dramatic Chipmunk and his kin, but they don't have a Hans Zimmer soundtrack.

I love these web comic things, I'm not sure if they even have a name, technically. But it's all in the picture selection - that last frame is perfect.

Baby Inception. It's Inception, with babies. You'll really get more out of this if you watch the video instead of reading this bit.

Fashion advice from the man who wears his dad's clothes.

Inception acapella brings the BRRAAAAAHHHHHMMs.

That Joseph Gordon-Levitt is everywhere these days. Here's how.

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