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We need to go deeper: enjoy the web's best Inception memes

We need to go deeper: enjoy the web's best Inception memes
Maybe the only thing that could make Spider-Man 3 more bearable would have been strutting Leo. Haters gonna hate.

50s Inception is classier than you.

Inception and David After Dentist. When web memes collide... shit doesn't just get real, it gets real life.

Proof that any video is approximately eight times funnier set to the Inception soundtrack. Although this was pretty funny to begin with.

There's a few Juno pics out there, but this is the cleverest.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Inception really needs no further introduction.

Ah, racism. Funny in the right context. As in, when white people do it.

Obviously I'm not nearly funny enough to have created any of these myself, but finding the original credits would have taken all year. If anyone has the origins I'll happily post links back to the sources.

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Posted by Rummaz at 17:14 on 07/12/10
Well said, Goatboy.

I would liked to have heard their version of "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling"
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