What if other actors had younger versions of themselves?


2nd October 2012

With Rian Johnson's Looper currently doing the rounds (our review is here), we consider one of the many thought-provoking questions raised by the time-tunnelling actioner: what would the prosthetically-enhanced younger versions of other movie stars look like?

If you've seen Looper, or indeed any trailers for Looper, then you probably noticed something weird about Joseph Gordon-Levitt's face, which was covered in prosthetics to make him better resemble Bruce Willis, his future self in the movie. We figured there had to be an easier way to de-age an older actor, and wouldn't you know it, we found one: this magical face transforming tool does just the job and in a fraction of the time!

Buoyed by our new toy, we decided to see what some of today's more mature actors would look like when processed through the de-ageing machine. Did our experimentation wield any interesting results for a possible Looper sequel? Or was this all just a lame excuse to post horribly distorted pictures of the rich and famous? (Hint: it's the second one).
Michael Caine

Hover over to see transformation

Okay, not a bad start. Although perhaps Michael Caine would be a bit too old to keep up with his younger counterpart. What about somebody more action-orientated like...

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hover over to see transformation

Hang on. The machine seems to have defaulted to 'lesbian'. One second.

Samuel L. Jackson

Hover over to see transformation

Is this racist? It just made his lips bigger.

Nicolas Cage

Hover over to see transformation

As if Nicolas Cage would let anybody else play his younger version other than himself. Weirdly, this is probably what Nicolas Cage will look like in ten years as well, after plenty of plastic surgery, obviously.

Carl Weathers

Hover over to see transformation

Can anyone confirm if Carl Weathers grew up in the Old West?

And what about the genesis of this project; our muse Bruce Willis? I'll just upload a headshot, press some buttons and...

Hover over to see transformation


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