Win Community Season 1 on DVD

Matt Looker

13th November 2011

We have more DVDs to give away in yet another awesome competition and this time it's for a show that is genuinely brilliant, and not just in a be-nice-to-the-PR-people kinda way.

Community is the greatest show to come out in the last decade (I stand by this statement despite not really putting too much thought into it) and the DVD of the first season is available as of Monday 14th November. But, hold on, put your wallet away young man/woman - we won't be accepting payment for this release; we're GIVING it away! Well, we're giving a couple of copies away. Two copies, in fact.

So if you've never seen the show and don't want to take my often-foolish word on how utterly amaze it is, this is the competition for you! Simply click here to answer an insultingly easy question, and then come crawling back to me on your hands and knees, apologising for ever doubting my unshakeable love for all things Community.

If you win a copy and don't like it, you can always return the free DVD back to us. Also, you're wrong.

COMMUNITY THE FIRST COMPLETE SEASON is out to buy on DVD from Monday 14 November (not September as it says in the US trailer below - I couldn't find an ad for the UK release. PROFESSIONALISM)

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