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Matt Looker

26th September 2011

Ever wanted to don a silly costume and adopt a secret identity to bring justice to an otherwise corrupt and criminal society? Well now, thanks to our new competition, you can see exactly how someone else might do that. FREE DVDS EVERYONE.

Action drama The Cape follows the comic-book adventures of a cop-turned-superhero who fights criminals with a special cape that can grab things, expand and genuinely act quite uncapelike. He calls himself The Cape.

While the show was unfairly cancelled after just one series, and well before it had a chance to find its feet, its concept and cinematic feel makes for some brilliantly entertaining television and I wholeheartedly urge you to have a go on the DVD (released today in all good stores and, more importantly, on internet shopping sites).

Of course, if you don't want to risk your money on the foolish words of a simple TV blogger, you can try to win one of our FOUR free copies by clicking here and answering the embarrassingly easy question. Who knows, the show might inspire you to take up masked vigilantism and rid your local streets of all crime.

We hold no responsibility if you get stabbed and dumped in a skip.

The Cape is released on DVD on September 26th

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