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Cool Stan Winston Easter Egg in the Jurassic World trailer, bro

Posted by TheShiznit.co.uk at 13:30 on 26 Nov 2014
Cool Stan Winston Easter Egg in the Jurassic World trailer, bro
I'd like to think dearly departed special effects whiz Stan Winston is up there now, eating steak at his own personal afterlife steakhouse. (Full Jurassic World trailer here you idiot, HOW HAVE YOU NOT SEEN IT YET?)

Hey Christian Bale, would you say your performance in Exodus is OTT?

Posted by Ali Gray at 14:45 on 01 Oct 2014

Good to know, thanks dude! The new trailer for Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods And Kings is below, with Welshman Christian Bale playing Egyptian prophet Moses and Australian Joel Edgerton as pharaoh Ramesses II. Oh Hollywood, how is it that this isn't even weird any more?

Potentially good Adam Sandler film alert

Posted by Ed Williamson at 14:00 on 20 Aug 2014

(*sighs*) Fine, another trailer for an Adam Sandler film, nothing to see here WAIT SHIT HE'S GOT A BEARD IT MUST BE A SERIOUS ONE MAN YOUR STATIONS EVERYBODY

Trailer breakdown: Guardians Of Ga'Hoole The Galaxy

Posted by Ali Gray at 08:00 on 21 Feb 2014
Trailer breakdown: Guardians Of <strike>Ga'Hoole</strike> The Galaxy
You haven't properly seen the first teaser for Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy until you've seen my step-by-step analysis, which mainly consists of cries for help, fashion queries and unforgivable inaccuracy. Still, I do know one thing: raccoons are EEEEEEE! (*clutches hands beneath chin in girlish glee*)

Trailer breakdown: is Godzilla a graveyard smash? We do the mash

Posted by Luke Whiston at 23:31 on 10 Dec 2013
Trailer breakdown: is Godzilla a graveyard smash? We do the mash
Unless you were in a coma until about half an hour ago and have only just got to checking the latest movie trailers (in which case, what the hell? Priorities!), you won't have escaped the first official trailer for a certain large reptilian monster movie making its way onto the internet. I'm talking of course about Gareth Edwards' Godzilla. Just thought I'd clarify that in case you really have been in a coma, or are Google. Breakdown!

We're basically just a Tom Hiddleston fan site at this point

Posted by Ali Gray at 23:30 on 03 Nov 2013

First trailer for Jim Jarmusch's rock 'n' roll vampire movie Only Lovers Left Alive, starring T-Swints & Hiddles. Looks better than I, Frankenstein.

Trailer breakdown: RoboCop aka the roboplegic wrong-cop

Posted by Ali at 08:00 on 08 Sep 2013
Trailer breakdown: RoboCop aka the roboplegic wrong-cop
RoboCop - he insists you capitalise the 'C' because he's so insecure - has had his system rebooted. Here's your first look at RoboCop 2.0 (or I dunno, 8.1 or whatever, I can't keep up with all the RoboCop sequels and TV series and cartoons) with Joel Kinnaman as the man in the machine and Abbie Cornish as the woman he loves. Let's be honest, this looks exactly how you'd expect a 12A RoboCop movie to look i.e. about as good as RobertCop.

A gif of the least ridiculous therefore best bit of the Insidious 2 trailer

Posted by Ali at 23:00 on 29 Jul 2013

A smart scare that uses blocking to hide a horror. All the rest is exactly what you'd expect from a franchise whose first instalment saw Patrick Wilson have a fist-fight with a ghost. (Full trailer here).

Yeah, they should have probably put this in the Lone Ranger trailers

Posted by Ali at 12:00 on 11 Jul 2013

I'm not saying Disney wouldn't have lost $150m on The Lone Ranger had they put Hans Zimmer's amazing 'William Tell Overture' in one of the film's trailers, but I'm also not NOT saying that. (Source: @SiRenshaw).

There's a new #1 on my Most Wanted Korean Gorilla Baseball Movies list

Posted by Ali at 17:45 on 04 Jul 2013

That said, I'm eagerly anticipating the Hollywood remake, starring Vince Vaughn as the gorilla. (Source: reddit).
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