-1 point for Avatar


7th December 2009

Here's one reason Avatar might not be the greatest film since Sliced Bread: the appalling closing song by Leona Lewis. Embedded after the jump if you want to annoy your neighbours.

While this is an obvious attempt to replicate the success of Celine Dion's weepie 'My Heart Will Go On' from Titanic, I cannot excuse this Avatar theme song from Leona Lewis, a singer so anodyne, total strangers feel compelled to punch her in the gob. To misquote Charlie Brooker, listening to 'I See You' is like listening to the rainwater seeping through the cracks of your coffin.

Hopefully, as this will play over the Avatar end credits, I'll be too busy picking up the fleshy pieces of my exploded balls from the cinema floor anyway.

Wait, did you actually play this video? You sick bastard.

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