Adam Sandler has learned nothing


28th October 2009

After playing a washed-up comedian who makes shitty comedies in Funny People, washed-up comedian Adam Sandler is making a shitty comedy called Jack And Jill, in which he'll play twin brothers and sisters.

If you didn't see it, Funny People was great, if only because Adam Sandler was playing it straight for once. As comedian George Simmons, Sandler playfully mocked his history of making terrible, high concept comedies by having his character star in movies like MerMan and Astro-Not. We all laughed.

Except now Sandler is to play both male and female leads in Jack And Jill, a romantic comedy about identical twins, written by Todd Garner (Paul Blart: Mall Cop) and produced by Happy Madison. So, not only is he starring in it, his own company is producing it. He is choosing to make this film. God help him.

As I said in my Funny People review, it's difficult to see Sandler returning to the crutch of his bog-standard dumbass comedies. It's no secret that Funny People tanked, and it's likely that Jack And Jill - despite sounding about as funny as a particularly depressing Michael Haneke movie - will play big in the States. Face, meet palm. You two will get along great.

This is why Hollywood is broken; good ideas flounder, while terrible ideas like this flourish. It's like Opposite Land. Maybe now is the time to pitch my idea about a tiger who gets trapped in a house with a girl and her autistic brother during a hurricane.

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