Adidas release star-studded, Star Wars-themed World Cup advert


5th June 2010

As part of my duty to post anything and everything Star Wars related, check out this new Adidas advert, that can't decide whether it's promoting the FIFA World Cup or just how awesome Star Wars is.

In my honest imho, one of the best things about the World Cup is the fantastic adverts that the big sports manufacturers release. Presumably you've already seen the incredible 'Write The Future' ad that director Alejandro Gonz'lez I''rritu turned out for Nike; well, this one's not quite as good, but it's more movie-related, so there.

Trust Jay Baruchel to fuck everything up, that Fraggle-voiced buffoon. I wouldn't be surprised if it was him who injured Rio Ferdinand.

90% of you have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?

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