Alas, Smith and Jones come back for Men in Black 3D


21st April 2010

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are set to star in Men in Black 3D. Someone get me one of those memory-eraser silver pens - I have a feeling I'm going to need it.

The question is: What do you do once you have successfully turned your back on kids comedies and now star in thought-provoking films that explore the nature of the human spirit? If you're Tommy Lee Jones, the answer is: make a pointless sequel to a series of juvenile movies that stopped being popular 10 years ago.

If you're Will Smith, the answer is: same as above, but also release a rap-pop song about hanging with some cool street aliens that are just misunderstood homies. And then, dear lord, it's 1997 all over again.

There have been a lot of rumours about this 'threequel' gearing up, including a time-travel storyline which would have seen a younger version of Jones' Agent K (with Josh Brolin supposedly in the frame). I guess this could still be part of the plot, but who cares? By now most of you have stopped reading and gone back to watch the Big Tits Zombie 3D trailer again.

I'll say this though: Will, you're now 41. You're not the Fresh Prince anymore. You're not chilling out, maxing or relaxing all cool. You should know better - think of young Jaden, all of his little Karate Kid mates will be laughing at him.

But then Martin Lawrence has been talking up Bad Boys III again, this just an attempt to look busy? Oh, ok (*winks*) gotcha. The old 'scheduling conflict', eh? Classic.

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