BBC4 buys more Danish telly; middle class rejoices

Ed Williamson

16th June 2011

Have you seen The Killing? Oh, you simply must! Barbara and I have been positively glued to it, haven't we, Barbara? No, not the American remake, obviously. There's more Danish TV on the way, you say? Well, I'll drink to that! Rosé?

I've only seen the first couple of episodes of The Killing. It seems pretty good but there's twenty of the bastards. I have got a life to lead, you kno— OH WAIT

I'll get round to it. Anyway, BBC4 have now bought a bunch more Dane drama in the shape of Borgen, a ten-episode political show made by the same production company.

So do they just buy anything Danish now? I really hope this doesn't backfire. Presumably Denmark must have some bad shows. Kjëeping ø̈p Appeärances?

Pretty sure this is a still from it. Must say, a Google image search for 'Danish TV' can be quite an eye-opener.

It should air later this year, but before you so much as think about watching it, you need to answer one key question.
Are you middle-class enough to watch Borgen?

Keep getting bombarded with questions you can't answer about The Killing when you're at coffee mornings? Unsure whether Borgen's the show for you? Just answer the following five questions as honestly as possible.

  • Do you own a Bag for Life?

  • Have you ever sponsored an African child?

  • Do you buy The Big Issue, but only off the ones who make an effort?

  • Have you ever bought the Guardian Christmas hamper?

  • Do you own any Terracotta pots?

Mostly 'yes':

Excellent. Proceed to the screening room and pick up a Waitrose ready meal on the way.

Mostly 'no':

Sorry, Borgen's not the show for you. Maybe you'd feel more - how can we put this? - at home in front of Kids Say the Funniest Things?

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