Cagewatch update: new haircut alert!


5th April 2010

Just when you thought he couldn't look any weirder... Nic Cage is now rocking a white trash blonde mullet, otherwise known as 'the Corey Haim memorial mud-flap'.

As Nic Cage's official stalker, I feel it necessary to update you whenever the boss-man makes a major lifestyle change. This new (and improved?) haircut is most definitely worthy of a site update.

Cage rocked up to Disney exhibition Wondercon 2010 at the weekend sporting hair that's a whole new kind of crazy. Alas, the blonde mullet is sadly only for a film role, but we're going to enjoy it while it lasts.

"I'm doing a movie called Drive Angry and I'm trying to tap into my Celtic roots, so I dyed it blond."
So he's going to play an angry driver with white trash hockey hair and a Scottish accent? It can't possibly be as good as his English accent, as evidenced in National Treasure 2.

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