Chris Evans IS Captain America


23rd March 2010

The lengthy casting process for Captain America is now over - yay! And it's Chris Evans who got the part! (*shrugs*)

After a series of casting rumours that included everyone from John Krasinski to my cat, the wait to see who will don the patriotic red, white and blue suit and shield is officially over...and the winner is Chris Evans. You'll know him from playing the cocky one in The Fantastic Four. Y'know, the 'comic relief'.

And already Marvel fans are up in arms. "B-but how can Steve Rogers also be Johnny Storm? That's ridiculous!". Guys, you're talking about the Human Torch, a character that spontaneously combusts at will - the plausibility here is already pretty minimal.

No, the greater injustice here is the casting itself. Chris Evans may have the build and leading star charisma to carry this movie but Captain America was always a character that was light on personality, serving instead as a symbol for the American way. Evans, however, will no doubt cock an eyebrow and smarm his way through every scene.

And what of the inevitable Avengers movie, which will team up the various comic-book heroes? Captain America is supposed to be the leader of the superhero ensemble but I somehow can't see Robert Downey Jr taking orders from the pipsqueak Evans.

Chris, go get yourself arrested for possession of heroin, cocaine and an unloaded .357-caliber Magnum handgun and then we'll talk, ok?

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