Clash Of The Titans posters, um, clash


10th December 2009

It's ancient history meets thrash metal, MOTHERFUCKER! Brand new posters for the mythical action epic that won't tidy its bedroom.

As far as advertising campaigns go, Louis Leterrier's Clash Of The Titans has had an absolute turd of a launch. The trailer looked like it was cut together by a janitor on his lunch break like a retarded Good Will Hunting, and boasted the immortal tagline, "TITANS... WILL... CLASH!"

Which is a bit like a porno having the tagline, "PEOPLE... WILL... FUCK!" We get it, guys. Kind of assumed it from the title.

Now Yahoo have debuted the first three posters (two one sheets and a quad, below) and though the imagery looks pretty cool, the brand message still leaves a lot to be desired.

The clash begins? So wait, there's going to be clashing in this Clash Of The Titans movie? Well why didn't you say so? Now, if only I knew what it was that was going to be clashing.

Click for the full-size poster

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