Commencement of Batman filming leads to classic /Film headline


19th May 2011

Because no news is good news! Isn't it? ISN'T IT?

Mild excitement reverberated through our Twitter feed this week, as it was discovered that The Dark Knight Rises started filming in Farringdon, London. Wait, London? That's, like, where I live! If I hadn't moved offices two months ago, it'd be, like, three tube stops from my office! Swoon!

Not pictured: where I live

I say mild excitement, though, because there's precisely nothing to get excited about. If there are any set pictures, I haven't seen them, and as far as I can tell, at no point did Christian Bale drop character to suddenly start berating a confused member of the public who walked in his eye-line.

While this is in no way interesting, what was fun was the way famed anti-news proprietors covered the story.

That's right: the headline actually reads 'No New Info Announced'. Hilarious. Be sure to click after the jump to read the rest of their non-story, but only if you love reading copied and pasted corporate press releases!

In a similar vein, I thought I'd take this opportunity to preview a few Batman non-stories of my own I've planned for this week.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt spotted wearing shirt, trousers, shoes; colour of socks unknown
Posted by Ali at 19:00 on 20 May 2011
Tom Hardy still male
Posted by Ali at 12:00 on 21 May 2011
Batman 'may or may not' walk past bollard, says cousin of set caterer's sausage guy
Posted by Ali at 07:00 on 22 May 2011
Okay, so upon further inspection, I found one set pic, below, courtesy of Metro. Thrilling stuff, I'm sure you'll agree. Wait a minute...

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