Cowboy Harrison Ford to aliens: "Get off my planet"


6th April 2010

How to improve a movie called Cowboys & Aliens? New cast member Harrison Ford knows how: just growl at the skinny extra-terrestrial bastards until they give you your family back.

Jon Favreau has only just wrapped on Iron Man 2 and already anticipation is at fever pitch for his next project, Cowboys & Aliens. Robert Downey Jr dropping out due to Sherlock Holmes 2 was a bummer, but Daniel Craig as a replacement was a pretty good replacement, and Olivia Wilde was the sexy cherry on the man-cake. Yum.

Now Harrison Ford is rumoured to be joining the project, bringing the movie's badass levels to 'fatally badass'. Ford's last encounter with aliens didn't exactly reap fruitful rewards, and he's famously steered clear of sci-fi ever since choking on George 'You can write this shit but you sure can't say it' Lucas' risible dialogue.

Still, Ford's presence would jump Cowboys & Aliens up a few notches on the awesometer, and a happy Harrison is always nice to see. We don't like him when he's angry. No, wait, that's the Hulk. Whatever, I'm tired.

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