D-MONEY talks The Wolverine


22nd November 2010

Director and full-time gangsta Darren Aronofsky has been chatting about his vision for The Wolverine, the not-sequel to last summer's side-burned turd that'll apparently be a standalone movie. Player!

After making movies about the nature of chaos theory, the horrors of drug addiction and the meaning of life, the logical next step for any director would be to make a picture about a man with knives that shoot out of his hands. Yeah, it's still pretty weird to write to write the words 'Darren Aronofsky' and 'Wolverine' in the same sentence, without the words 'never in a million years' in there somewhere too, but it's happening. D-MONEY gots to gets paid, dog. It was this or Robocop.

Aronofsky is now claiming the movie, going by the name The Wolverine, will have "nothing to do with anything in that franchise or that universe". Uh huh. We'll see what Marvel's cameo department has to say about that. Continue.

"I think I'm being hired because of who I am; I'm not being hired to turn into someone. I'm being hired to do what I do."
As excited as I am about a Darren Aronofsky superhero movie (the adamantium claws represent, like, Wolverine's struggle to, like, accept himself and junk), I just don't think Fox have hired Aronofsky to make the movie he thinks he's making.

Remember, X-Men Origins: Wolverine was directed by esteemed South African filmmaker Gavin Hood, who just got done making Oscar-nominated drama Tsotsi, an excellent film with little-to-no mutants cursing the sky with their pointy knuckles or appearances by members of the Black Eyed Peas.

It sounds like Aronofsky is aiming highbrow (watch the way he cringes at the suggestion he must "blow shit up") and unfortunately Fox's brows tend to be worn low, usually used to warm the balls in winter.

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