Die Hard 5 next year, claims Willis


23rd February 2010

Yippee-Ki-Yay, mother-frigger. Bruce Willis confirms that Die Hard 5 is planned to go into production next year. What he doesn't mention that it'll be rated U and will co-star Barney the dinosaur as his partner.

Talking to MTV during press for Kevin Smith's Cop Out, Bruce Willis dropped a John McClane-shaped bomb and revealed that - with very little prompting, it must be said - a fifth Die Hard movie is planned for next year.

"I think we're going to do a Die Hard 5 next year... I would hire Len Wiseman right now. It's got to go worldwide, that would be my contribution to the next movie."
Sounds like someone wants a holiday.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Die Hard 4.0, even though it wasn't the huge disaster it was made out to be (teen-pandering age-rating aside), but I can honestly say I'd rather watch Die Hard 5 (working title: Die Harderer) than Cop Out, or any other half-arsed action shit-fest that Willis has in the pipeline. Something about that character just brings out the best in him.

Here's hoping they've rented some more jet planes for him to fight.

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