Dunder Mifflin are headhunting


13th August 2010

In 2011, the 7th series of The Office will see the departure of it’s long-serving regional manager Michael Scott, much to the relief of his long-suffering underlings. NBC are on the hunt for new blood, but who in their right mind wants to move to Scranton?

Steve Carell revealed on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Film Review that it was likely he’d be leaving The Office when his contract runs out at the end of the next series. The rumour mill is currently bandying about all sorts of names for Carell’s replacement, such as Eastbound And Down’s Danny McBride, Flight Of The Conchords’ Rhys Darby, and every available alumni of Arrested Development.

Bearing in mind that when the show began, Rainn Wilson was the best known cast member from his stint on 6 Feet Under, and Steve Carell was only famous with The Daily Show viewers, wouldn’t it just be stunt casting to bring in a big name act at this stage?

It must be said that The Office has decreased in laugh quality this last season, and feels like it’s hit a plateau; much like working in an actual paper sales company in Scranton probably would. How much more can be wrung out of the situation, especially without Michael’s selfish stupidity there to buoy things along?

If you ask us, Michael Scott’s retirement (or however he departs) offers The Office the perfect opportunity to call it a day. We’ve enjoyed their adventures; Jim and Pam made it, Ryan got his comeuppance and Creed isn’t dead yet. They really should tie up loose ends – give Dwight his own branch; Oscar and Gay Warehouse Guy get married; Erin and Andy ride a tandem into the sunset – and bid the documentary crew a fond farewell. All we ask is for the love of God, can Pam please go back to art school? We hate Business Pam.

No matter how long it goes on for, or who they bring in to keep it alive, they’ll never be able to end their story as beautifully and poignantly as Merchant and Gervais did. Perhaps that’s what they’re avoiding.

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