Entertainment Tonight ask punishing questions on A-Team set


23rd October 2009

Shut up, fools!

Entertainment Tonight have made the first set-visit to Joe Carnahan's take on The A-Team, and as usual, have completely wasted the opportunity to find out anything interesting and instead concentrate on pointless celebrity fluff like Bradley Cooper's diet.

Get this, the presenter actually says the following line:

"The big question: is there an A-Team love story?"
Only someone who has never seen The A-Team, or has no concept of what an action/adventure movie is supposed to be like, would ask such a gaywad question. It's like saying, "The big question about Avatar: are there any scenes in which characters give each other back-rubs?"

Although they haven't done their usual trick of playing cool footage and having some Voiceover Douchebag talk all over it, there are some glimpses of the Team in character; Rampage Jackson's B.A. is now sporting that infamous mohican and Sharlto Copley just stands around, looking like he's got no idea what the fuck happened to him over the last six months.

But the big question is: where did Face buy his adorable kevlar vest from? Back to you in the studio, Julia!

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