Ewan McGregor cast in "The Man Who Killed Don Quixot-aye"


19th May 2010

Look, it's late, our pun machine broke down and these lollystick gags aren't helping, no matter how many packs of Mini Milks we get through.

Renowned master of accents Ewan McGregor has officially been cast as the star of Terry Gilliam's 'The Man Who Killed Don Quixote'. According to /Film, McGregor plays the role of Tony Grisoni - a sort of time-travelling/reality-bending advertising executive who gets mistaken for Quixote's literary companion, Sancho Panza. I, er... Hmmm.

Famously abandoned in 2000 (becoming the subject of documentary Lost in La Mancha) and delayed ever since, TMWKDQ had been through numerous casting changes and script revisions - at one point Johnny Depp and Gerard Depardieu were on-board - until it was revealed last November that Robert Duvall would definitely be playing Quixote for reals this time. Duvall is nearly 80. I'm not saying Gilliam should lock this down quick, but if he takes any longer the only way Duvall will be able to attend the premiere is if someone carries his head in a jar.

So a Scot playing a Spaniard, who maybe isn't Spanish at all - what could go wrong?

Yesh I'm Shpanish, why do you ask?

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