Fans of outdoor cinema, point your wallets at Somerset House


18th May 2012

I think I can assume that you like films by now, but if you also like the outside world, listen up. The film event of the summer (that isn't Prometheus) goes on sale today: Film 4 Summer Screen at Somerset House. I'll be there, if that information somehow influences your decision.

I enthused my tiny pants off last year about how wonderful the Somerset House screening of Chinatown was - not only was the projection flawless and the audio set at the perfect level, the audience was as respectful and well-behaved as any I've ever been a part of. And we all know the worst part of going to the cinema is the other people, with their coughing and texting and stabbing.

Tickets for Summer Screen 2012 go on sale at 10am today over hyah and I'd recommend you act quickly as they sell like bastards. The full line-up is below and it's pretty impressive: if you thought last year's double-bill of Die Hard and Attack The Block would take some beating, you didn't figure on Saturday the 25th of August. BOOM. Except I'm at a wedding. WOE. They'll understand, right? They'll probably end it early specially.
Thurs 16th Aug - On The Road (UK Premiere)

Friday 17th Aug - The Birds

Saturday 18th Aug - Enter The Void + Don't Think

Sunday 19th Aug - The Watch (Formerly Neighborhood Watch)

Monday 20th Aug - Apocalypse Now

Tuesday 21st Aug - Bicycle Thieves

Wednesday 22nd Aug - Paris, Texas

Thursday 23rd Aug - Pretty In Pink

Friday 24th Aug - Boogie Nights + Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls

Saturday 25th Aug - Drive + Sexy Beast

Sunday 26th Aug - Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

Monday 27th Aug - Lawless (UK Premiere)
Powerful, non? Drive and Sexy Beast is the kind of double bill I could conceive a child to: I'd feel safe knowing it'd grow up to be a badass. Hmm, that reminds me - take plenty of comfortable cushions.

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