First Cowboys and Aliens teaser pic


19th May 2010

Oh, Jon Favreau, stop it! (*giggles*)

His second Iron Man is still flying high at the box office, but the Swingers star is already hard at work on his next project, Cowboys and Aliens. That's the one about the street-dancing kids that fall in love. Not really - it's about cowboys and cocking aliens, you mug.

We've been following this for quite a while already but bear with us: initially, man-crush #1 Robert Downey Jr dropped out for more Sherlock Holmes shenanigans and was replaced by man-crush #134 Daniel Craig. But then Favreau cast indisputable hottie Olivia Wilde, Harrison 'I need a decent movie' Ford and the all-dancing Sam Rockwell.

And that's why this movie is worthy of the web space. Wilde, Ford and Rockwell all in one movie? This is the kind of scenario that sticky dreams are made of.

And if that wasn't sexy enough for you, Favreau has now teased fans with the first picture from the set. Alas, as teasers go, this is really nothing more than a slightly suggestive look with a playfully raised eyebrow. Are you ready for frustration and disappointment? Here you go:

Don't bother looking behind your computer - this is it.

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