First set pics of The A-Team cast


1st October 2009

The first pics of the new cast of The A-Team have been snapped on set - this way for pics of the new BA and his no-hawk.

Credit to otherwise-shitty British reactionary tabloid The Daily Mail; they've got hold of the world's first pics of The A-Team cast in character. Bite your lip and check them out, we've got the best below.

There's nothing too shocking, I guess. Purists (read: 'saddos') will be outraged to see cage fighter Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson's B.A Baracus without his trademark mohawk and a worrying lack of bling, but at least he's got his shirt on.

Neeson is sporting a particularly fetching grey dye-job as Hannibal, and bizarrely, District 9's Sharlto Copley looks exactly like Dirk Benedict, but is actually playing Murdock. Consequently, Bradley Cooper just looks like Bradley Cooper.

So it's finally happening - this plan is coming together. What do you reckon to a new A-Team movie? Could it actually be any good?

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