Full Twilight Eclipse trailer sadly longer than ten seconds


11th March 2010

"I love you." (*pained expression*) "I love you too." (*bites lip*) "But I love you too." (*takes off shirt*) Repeat ad infinitum. You get the idea.

As of now, I'm still an impartial observer of the Twilight saga, casually lobbing in snarky remarks from the sidelines despite not having seen more than a minute of footage from any of the films, nor read a word from the books. Why? Because trailers like this, the full teaser for Twilight: Eclipse, tell me everything I need to know in one throwaway package. Frankly, yesterday's unprecedented ten second teaser teaser did just as good a job.

Bella and Edward love each other, we get it. Jesus. Congratu-fucking-lations: now go get a mortgage. I'm not certain how that little chipmunk with abs fits into the whole story, but I do know that begging a girl to "pick me" has never worked in the history of romance. Smooth move, ese.

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