Ghost Rider 2 revs up


8th January 2010

Want to see more of Nicolas Cage turning into a giant flaming skull? Who doesn't. Is it worth sitting through another Ghost Rider movie for the pleasure? Probably not, but there's going to be one either way.

Producer Mike De Luca has announced that work is due to begin on a sequel to the original 2007 Ghost Rider, which saw Nicolas Cage sport laughably jet black hair and generally be ridiculous.

Tentatively titled Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance, the movie is due to start filming as early as this year, so that it can be in cinemas in 2011. De Luca is also planning for this to possibly reboot the franchise...just 4 years after the first film. That begs the question: why can't a 'sequel' just be a 'sequel' anymore?

De Luca has also been forthcoming with a few other details: the script is based on a treatment David Goyer wrote 9 years ago (sounds promising already, doesn't it?) and will probably be set in Europe, because we have more cathedrals and stuff over here and Ghost Rider has deep theological themes. Yeah, that's right - we just didn't 'get' the last film.

In addition to this, he has also confirmed that both director Mark Steven Johnson and Eva Mendez won't be back for the follow up. How far they ran away when asked has yet to be confirmed.

Oh, and De Luca also claims that Ghost Rider 2 might be filmed in 3D. Of course it will - they have to make a leather-bound, motorbike-riding, flaming vengeance demon from hell look cool somehow, right?

Mark this under "Why, Lord, why?" for me. And yet...Nic Cage might just make it worthwhile.

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