Hancock 2 writers hired


25th August 2009

It was one of last year's most underrated blockbusters, but Hancock is getting a sequel whether you like it or not (you racist). Two chaps have been given the task of writing the words, in the right order.

Like me, you probably wouldn't know a Hollywood screenwriter if they started tea-bagging your teddy bears, but the appointment of Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara to write the Hancock 2 screenplay seems like a fairly sound one.

Between them, they've written for 24, The Shield and Dexter, plus episodes of (*sad trombone*) Nash Bridges and the TV spin-off of Paul Haggis' Crash. Yes, there was a TV spin-off of Crash. Because RACISM NEVER SLEEPS.

I dug Hancock but thought it could have done with being a little darker and a little less forthcoming in the final reel; hopefully a sequel won't shed even more light on what was originally an awesome concept. Frankly, the idea of an alcoholic superhero is up there with the greats - the moment Hancock sobered up he lost all appeal.

Perhaps the villain in the sequel could be, like, alcoholism or something. Or maybe a demon called Alcoholismo. It's a metaphor, look it up.

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