Has Eddie Murphy come to his senses?


19th November 2009

Eddie Murphy is back on the scene, but wait - it's not Imagine That 2: The Reimagining. It's a R-rated movie! That's good, right? It's called The Misadventures Of Fluffy and features talking animals. (*packs bags*)

Having walked away from his one good chance at winning back our respect, it's fair to say that we had all given up hope on ever seeing Murphy appear in a film that wasn't a complete and utter embarrassment to the man's career.

But now word is out that he is set to produce, and possibly star in, The Misadventures Of Fluffy, a film that has been described as "a road trip pic through New York featuring talking animals, and with an element of social comedy reminiscent of Murphy's 1980s hit Trading Places."

But more importantly, in its current form, the flick is to be R-rated. That means the man who has, in recent years, made more cinematic atrocities than Uwe Boll with the likes of Norbit, The Haunted Mansion, Daddy Day Care, Meet Dave and The Adventures Of Pluto Nash, will get to say "fuck" again!

Welcome back Axel, it's been a long time. We missed you. Have a beer.

Of course it's early days yet. In fact, early enough for Murphy to completely retool the film to make it a kid-friendly movie about a man who makes friends with a tortoise and a camel, but we're hoping he sees sense.

Since his admittedly very good turn in Dreamgirls, I've always suspected that Murphy may want a move back into grown-up flicks again, so here's his chance. I will be the first to say: if he stars in this movie, keeps it 'edgy' and it's actually good, I'd be willing to overlook some of his past crimes. Such is the power of Beverley Hills Cop.

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