Hugh Jackman... more like Huge Jazz Hands fnar fnar


3rd November 2010

After his star turn hosting last year's all-singing, all-dancing Oscars, Aussie beefcake and all-round nice guy Hugh Jackman is set to appear in a Broadway musical based on the life - and presumably the magic - of Harry Houdini.

Currently titled 'Houdini', Aaron Sorkin (of The Social Network and A Few Good Men fame) has been roped in to write, whilst composing duties have fallen to Danny 'Batman' Elfman. With such big names attached, there's a real danger this could be a runaway success. Why the panic? If this show takes off, that means no more Wolverine movies for a while! And it's not like The Boy from Oz hasn't got the requisite skills to pay the bills:

*wipes away tear* Incredible.

Jackman is one of those great actors who'll take on any role you throw his way with terminal gusto. Whether it's a cigar-chomping badass in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, tortured scientist in The Fountain, or Van Helsing, he'll be there 10 minutes early each day, brimming with enthusiasm. Yet despite his best attempts to hide behind the character, he'll always unmistakably be Hugh Jackman. He's the white Samuel L. Jackson.

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