I'll be cack: new Terminator movie will be animated, 3D, lame


13th August 2010

If McG's Salvation saw the Terminator franchise lowered into molten lead, this news is the T-1000 flipping us off before dying forever.

Terminator Salvation was poor, but I never really thought it was 'kill the franchise stone dead', Batman & Robin poor. There later followed highly embarrassing scenes where the Terminator franchise was put up for sale - and no one bought it. One guy kind of loitered around and put his hand on his wallet, but it turns out he was just scratching his crotch.

McG, with his fingers in his ears and singing his favourite song, 'Can't Hear You (La La La)', still insists he'll make Terminators 5 and 6, but until Judgement Day arrives, we'll have to make do with Terminator 3000 from little-known production company, Hannover House. And yes, before you ask, it is going to be a PG13-rated 3D animation.

The thrilling press release, which you can read here, says nothing of story, writers, cast or crew, but it does mention that the team are all for "minimising violence", which, if you think about it, is exactly what Terminator movies are all about.

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