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Inception plot revealed it's all dreams and stuff

Inception plot revealed  it's all dreams and stuff
Despite much prodding and poking during interviews with the stars of the film, the plot for Christopher Nolan's forthcoming Inception has remained shrouded in mystery. Now, finally, like a bullied man in prison, Nolan is giving up and putting out.

Until now, foolish fans have been reduced to unpicking Nolan's internet virals and vague "architecture of the mind" gibberish, and any ideas as to the film's plot have just been reckless speculation. Which, as it happens, turned out to be spot on.

Because, it seems that Inception is, as everyone worked out, about "a specialist (DiCaprio) in the new branch of corporate espionage he's a dream thief who plucks secrets from the minds of tycoons after pumping them full of drugs and hooking them up to a mysterious contraption. The problem, though, is the land of nod can be volatile as can DiCaprio's character, Dom Cobb."

It seems that Leo himself has had some input into the story as well as fleshing out the lead role, as Nolan credits him with approaching the script, which he first wrote nearly a decade ago, from a different angle:

"I originally wrote it as a heist movie, and heist movies traditionally are very deliberately superficial in emotional terms. They're frivolous and glamorous, and there's a sort of gloss and fun to it.

"I originally tried to write it that way, but when I came back to it I realized that to me that didn't work for a film that relies so heavily on the idea of the interior state, the idea of dream and memory. I realized I needed to raise the emotional stakes."
As well as this, co-star Ellen Page throws her take into the mix, saying that the film "evokes literature and architecture in an era when other directors seem to be tilting toward a video-game aesthetic."

To be honest, Juno, I was sold on the twisty-turny corridors and spinning top seen in the trailers but it's good to know there's some intelligence thrown in there too.

Wow, such is my faith in Nolan, he actually has me aflush with excitement for a film which stars Chubby Leo. That's a first for me. And it's not just because of The Dark Knight, but The Prestige was hands-down the best movie about magic ever made. Yes, even better than that one starring Mark and Jeremy from Peep Show.

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