Introducing Iron Sky: a movie about Nazis in space. And why not?


15th November 2009

"In 1945 The Nazis Went To The Moon. In 2018 They Are Coming Back."

Growing tired of bog standard World War II movies? Bored of namby-pamby science-fiction villains? Wish there was a way to combine the two? Iron Sky just might be the movie for you.

Set to be released in 2011, Iron Sky is the latest project from the team at, an online community of filmmakers who circumvent the movie industry to release their own sci-fi pictures.

Their last flick, Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning, took seven years to get made. Only Terrence Malick has a slower work rate, but then the Wreck A Movie team does only consist of five people.

Set in 1945, Iron Sky proposes that the Nazis made a breakthrough in anti-gravity technology and, facing defeat in WWII, fled to the moon. Now, in 2018, they've built a formidable invasion fleet and are returning to Earth to reclaim it in the name of the Fourth Reich. Why? Because Nazis In Space, that's why!

Sure, it sounds dumb, but tongue seems to be stuck firmly in cheek and the movie's website shows off some promising artwork and wallpapers. Hell, they even roped in B-movie legend Udo Kier to play head Nazi. It certainly looks no worse than some of the professionally-made movies I've had to review in my time.

The teaser trailer is below; hope and pray Uwe Boll doesn't watch it any get any big ideas.

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