Iron Man 2's alternate opening features puking, helmet-fondling


25th September 2010

Check it out before the suits go snitching to YouTube.

If you, like me, are constantly wondering why scenes that appear in trailers don't appear in the finished movies themselves, then this bootleg copy of Iron Man 2 might clear a few things up. Frankly, the best bit about the Iron Man 2 trailer was Downey's "You complete me!" line as he flung himself out of his jet. But come the movie? Nixed. Whacked. Killed. It wasn't there, is what I'm trying to say.

Now we can see the full sequence, presumably cut from the movie because it starts with the hero puking his guts out in a plane's toilet. This, and Gwyneth Paltrow's "hangover" line, are probably remnants of the 'Demon In A Bottle' alcholism storyline that we were supposed to see; ultimately, the only drink problem Iron Man has in the movie is when he pisses his suit.

Coming next week: the alternate opening to The Dark Knight, where Batman has a really smelly dump on a train.

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