Kat Dennings cast in Thor


23rd November 2009

In other words, a perfect excuse to post a picture of Kat Dennings.

Marvel's Thor is one of my most anticipated movies, simply because it's near impossible to get a decent handle on it. With most superhero movies you can at least have a good guess at content, tone and story, but this is about a vengeful Norse God banished to Earth, directed by Kenneth Branagh, and stars a complete unknown. Damned if I got a clue.

Casting has been interesting so far. Aussie Chris Hemsworth (he played Kirk's dad in Star Trek) will play the mighty Thor, Anthony Hopkins will play Odin (bumping legend Brian Blessed back to ITV mountaineering dramas in the process) while Natalie Portman will play love interest Jane. Rumours that Robert De Niro and Jude Law would slot into the cast appeared to be down to a shitty translator. Seriously. Translating is your only job, dude. Translate this. (*flips middle finger*)

But where does Kat Dennings fit into all of this? You know, Kat Dennings? Lilo lips? Inflatable chest? Sassy emo chick from The 40 Year-Old Virgin, The House Bunny and Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist?

She's just joined the cast, but there's no news yet on which character she'll play. With the token love interest taken up by Portman - slumming it in a superhero movie between Hebrew classes and arthouse wankery - there's every possibility she'll play an Asgardian character, like Enchantress Amora, or Hela, goddess of death and ruler of Niffleheim. Hur. You nerds crack me up.

Anyway, onto business.

Okay ladies, you deserve some eye candy too. Here.

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