Let's all go to Japan's Jurassic Park-themed sex hotel


20th June 2011

Some very odd people in Japan have opened a Jurassic Park-themed sex hotel, in which other odd people can have sex with other, even odder people.

When it comes to crazy sex, Japan are leagues ahead of the rest of the world - just check my Google search history if you don't believe me. Frankly, I think the Japanese sex industry have outdone themselves this time. Why? Because there's a Jurassic Park-themed sex hotel. Let me write that in a bigger font so you can get your head around it.

Unfortunately, my Japanese still hasn't evolved past 'more tentacle porn please', so I can't tell you much more about Hotel Jzauruss, but I'm not sure there's really much more to know. It's a hotel where you fuck people while looking at pictures of dinosaurs. It's the very definition of the word 'primal'. Also, the words 'freaky' and 'shit'. Check it out.

Naturally, this rubs all three of my nubbins: sexual intercourse, dinosaurs and POTENTIAL FOR WORDPLAY. Should I ever visit, I'll be sure to use some/all of the following Jurassic Park quotes (with the first one provided by the fine folk of

Now, can anyone lend me some yen?

Let's do this.

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