Make your own Rorschach mask


1st January 2011

Some bright spark has invented his very own shapeshifting Rorschach mask, and you can too. All you need is your own grappling gun and crippling sense that society has let you down and must be punished.

By far the coolest thing about seeing Watchmen in motion on the big screen was Rorschach's inkblot visage; an eerie cloth mask that never stayed the same shape. It's never explained how it came to be in the movie (the book reveals Dr Manhattan has a big blue hand in its creation) but this guy wouldn't take 'never explained how it came to be' for an answer and promptly made his own.

Found by, this friendly YouTube user sloshes together various chemicals which I'm too lazy to research to create a sort of synthetic, shape-shifting blotch of ink, which alters depending on temperature. Fucking cool.

Sadly, I'm pretty sure that by breathing in its fumes, he's slowly killing himself. Still, he'll always be that YouTube guy who impressed a bunch of nerds for a few minutes that one time. God bless you, sir.

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