Mega Television/Internet Merge Continues


6th October 2010

Hot on the heels of news that two more original scripted shows have been cancelled this season, ABC announced today the development of a show based on the book based on the blog Awkward Family Photos. Oh good.

Little to nothing is known about the plot of Awkward Family Photos; the site and the book are just a collection of photographs with captions about 80’s hair and implied psychopathic tendencies. Perhaps it could be set in a Snappy Snaps, although I’m not even sure that people get photos developed any more. Which leads me to believe that Snappy Snaps are just fronts for large scale organised crime. ABC shed no more light on either the show, or the real purpose of photographers studios nowadays, other than to announce 4 writers.

This reeks of lazy programming, cashing in on established ideas without really thinking through the show itself – as is the confirmation that CBS, following on from the mediocre $#*! My Dad Says, are working on a show entitled Sshh… Don’t Tell Steve. It’s based on the (very) faintly amusing twitter feed @shhdontellsteve in which his flatmate tweets all the dumb and downright mean things “Steve” says throughout the day. Ashton Kutcher is reportedly “involved”, although no-one’s sure in what context. Professional Twitter Advisor? Best Boy? Not according to rumours, eh, Demi? Hey-oh!


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