Megan Fox almost definitely being killed off in Transformers 3


21st November 2009

Why? Because Michael Bay is saying he won't. Oh Michael, you are such a master of deception!

Apart from the scene where she bends over a car bonnet in Transformers and the scene where she bends over a motorbike in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, I'm not actually sure Megan Fox does anything else of note in the entirety of the two movies. Not that any humans do anything of note, or that there is anything of note.

Anyway, Fox and Bay have been engaging in a prolonged bout of flirtatious banter via various channels since the summer, which started when Megan Fox said working for Bay was like "working for Hitler". Bay reacted by revealing he made her wash his Ferrari for her audition tape ("get in there nice and deep"), and how he gave Fox her movie debut as a bikini-clad dancer in Bad Boys 2. Aged 15. SNAP! Checkmate, bitch!

However, things seem to have cooled off between the pair, as Bay revealed in a magazine interview.

"She called me [after the Hitler comment] and goes, "It's all bullshit, Mike." The press, they just like to prey, and stalk, and pounce and find a good little juicy thing. But she's always wanted to do these crazy comments. That's just her. She's great."
When asked if he was going to kill off Fox in Transformers 3 as 'punishment' for her comments (yeah, punish her, punish her), Bay responded:

"No, no, no. She gets enough of that already."
Which makes no sense, but this is Michael Bay we're talking about; the guy won't take a dump unless he can do it against a sunset. We're inclined to disbelieve him, because in the run-up to ROTF, Bay had claimed that "Megatron is not in my movie" despite the fact that, actually, he was in your movie. Just like we said. Maybe he genuinely didn't know.

No matter: Transformers 3 is still a good 18 months away and we're sure Bay's 'campaign of misdirection' will send us on many wild tangents before then. The real issue here is obviously how unattractive Megan Fox is and how totally none of us would sleep with her. (*pokes users with erection*)

P.S. If you haven't seen this clip from Jimmy Kimmel's Seth Rogen interview, this doesn't do Megan Fox's reputation any favours whatsoever. Like in The Simpsons, you can actually pin-point the exact second Rogen's heart breaks. Bitch.

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