Michael Bay directs underwear advert


7th December 2009

People say to Michael Bay, "Hey asshole, your movies are just tits and explosions." Bay smiles, and replies, "Touche". Then he flexes his muscles and rides into the sunset on his Harley to the sounds of Linkin Park.

Love or hate Michael Bay, you can't dispute the fact he has a shitload of money and doesn't care. As well as making movies about angry robots and black police officers and rip-offs of sci-fi films, he also directs a buttload of adverts for TV. That's when he's not napalming helicopters or date-raping teenagers. Kidding. Those things are expensive.

This underwear commercial for Victoria's Secret would appear to show Bay's craft boiled down to its purest elements: hot chicks in skimpy clothes bending over things and standing in front of explosions. Throw in some jive-talking robots and you've basically got your Transformers 3 trailer.

Still, in the time it has taken for me to write this article, Michael Bay has probably donkey punched four separate hookers. Now that's living!

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