More join cast of X-Men: First Class


16th August 2010

Find out who, after the jump. Off topic: why did Professor Xavier think those latex head-moulds (above) would be a good superhero look? Evil doesn't stop every time your head starts to itch.

Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class is due to start shooting in London in a few weeks time, and I'm excited, because what could possibly go wrong with an X-Men prequel? Cynicism aside (don't worry, it'll be back), Vaughn is assembling the most promising young superhero cast we've seen in many a while, and it's getting bigger all the time. That's what she said.

Vaughn's long-time good luck charm Jason Flemyng will play a mutant named Azazel, the father to X-Men 2's Nightcrawler. Rose Byrne has signed on to play Moira MacTaggart, professional boffo and probably love interest for bald-capped James McAvoy's Professor Charles Xavier.

Finally, [insert stock 'fat comedian' adjective here] Oliver Platt will play The Man In Black, also known as the smoke monster. YOU WISH, NERDS.

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