Mutants are go! Again.


21st September 2009

It's not much but it's enough to get fanboys salivating and bitching on messageboards for the coming months: producer of X-men films Lauren Donner has been talking up planned future projects for Xavier's mutants.

Talking for a press event for the Blu-ray release of X-men Origins: Wolverine, Donner not only paid passing mention to a couple of projects already familiar to us, such as the Wolverine sequel and the proposed Deadpool movie, but there were a couple of surprises too.

First Donner admitted that the previously mooted New Class, which is said to follow the group of teen freaks that escaped with a young Xavier at the end of Wolverine, does not yet have a scheduled start date but a few of the younglings have been signed up for an option of future films.

More importantly though, Donner then mentioned that there are plans for films of The New Mutants...and X4! Because apparently we haven't yet done the "persecuted mutants=gays/blacks" extended metaphor to death.

The New Mutants is a comic spin-off from the X-men that focused on the Professor's post-graduation students training to become superheroes. Sounds fun (if a bit tweeny) but not as tantalising as X4.

Although Donner admits the fourth film in the X-men franchise hasn't yet been pitched to the studio, it already raises tons of questions.

Will it follow on from X3? Will Wolverine be in it? Will Xavier be in it?! Will it actually have a decent plot or just be another showcase for as many fan favourites as the writers can fit into a movie, like Jackman's last outing?

Let the pointless speculation begin.

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