Neill Blomkamp debuts mysterious new sci-fi short


23rd November 2010

South African wunderkid Neill Blomkamp has revealed a grisly new creature feature short film, which could be a teaser for his follow-up to District 9. Or it could not. How fussed are you? A little? Then read on.

For a movie blog that championed District 9 as the best movie of 2009, there's no way we're going to ignore anything that emerges from Camp Blomkamp (name pending). When this mysterious mini-movie debuted on the iPad version of the new Wired magazine, my nerd alarm started ringing (though so did my hipster alarm).

The short, untitled snippet below, bears all the hallmarks of the director's brand of sci-fi (alien creatures, government involvement) and yet is frustratingly vague. SlashFilm did a little research and found that it's most likely part of a series of online virals, but other than the director's name and the few scant details in the clip, we're none the wiser as to its intent.

It's a long shot that it's District 10 related - Blomkamp and Sharlto Copley won't revisit that particular universe for a couple of years - but it's still a fun curio that could just be the first piece of a killer sci-fi puzzle. Hmm... anyone else hungry for prawns?

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