Never assemble Avengers individually


1st October 2011

Entertainment Weekly have released the first official pictures from the set of The Avengers, which is appropriate, because EW. are running the Avengers pics from this week's new edition, which you can catch below. The stills are interesting enough, in that way that you learn absolutely nothing about anything, but that cover? MY GOD. Photoshop overload. Tony Stark looks like he just shat his exo-suit.

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From top left, going clockwise, Earth's mightiest warriors look; mortified; confused; disinterested; horny; constipated; and lecherous. It's pretty obvious the individual Avengers have all been shot individually and comped together, which is fine and happens all the time, but it looks like EW's cover artist just sort of bashed his hands on his graphics tablet like a Muppet playing the piano.
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Note Thor's ultrasuede leggings, for the Thunder God who needs mobility AND comfort.

BDRDRDRRR. GADOYNG. Add your own sound effects.

"Oh look. Some Skrulls." "Huh."

This man may very well own an unlicensed minicab.

I have never known anyone other than mad wanker gun nuts pull this pose.

"I'm not wearing anything underneath my jorts."

In defense of the atrocious cover pic, one web comment snorted:

"Do you know how hard it is to get 6 actors in a room together, all looking correct and perfectly lit? Hard."
Um... isn't that kind of what being on a film set consists of? All the actors being in one place, lit professionally and made-up to look really, really ridiculously good-looking? That reminds me: other than Loki, we still don't really know who The Avengers will be fighting. Unless...


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