New A-Team van looks like old A-Team van


20th September 2009

Shooting has begun on Joe Carnahan's refit of The A-Team and one keen-eyed snapper has spotted the team's trusty van on set. Either that or they screen-grabbed one of the old DVDs, because it looks exactly the same.

Not really sure what I was expecting from a story with the headline 'New A-Team Van Spotted!' to be honest. I know people who would literally kill you where you stand if you bad-mouth The A-Team, so changing their iconic GMC was never really an option. Besides, as we know, the only people who can mess with eighties nostalgia are Will Smith's offspring.

Still, this photo gets a big fat shrug from me, much like the idea of the new A-Team movie itself. The casting is uninspiring (aside from District 9's Sharlto Copley as Murdock), the concept is out-of-time and the tone will no doubt flirt queasily with the ironic appreciation brigade. Colour me unimpressed.

Or maybe I'm just pissed that Mr. T has had to resort to selling chocolate bars. Harumph.

Click the pic to see the original at Splash News Online

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