New Cloverfield trailer soon? JJ Abrams good at secrets, bad at PR


4th May 2010

Any Americans planning to go see Iron Man 2 this weekend (side note: haw-haw, we saw it first) will see an attached and as-yet unknown trailer for a secret JJ Abrams project, titled Super 8. Could it be Cloverfield 2?

That JJ Abrams is a man of mystery alright. Viewers of TV series like Alias and Lost have been left in the dark for so long now, turning on the light forces them to scream and scuttle back under their sofas. Then, of course, came the masterfully orchestrated Cloverfield campaign, which saw a trailer attached to Transformers which didn't even have a name. Ingenious! (*swishes cape*)

Now news reaches us from Hitfix that a trailer for JJ Abrams top secret new movie will come attached to Iron Man 2 upon its release in the US this Friday. The project, currently titled Super 8, has had no promotion thus far, other than this tantalising tidbit. JJ, you tease! Show your hand, you master manipulator you!

There's speculation, naturally, that said project could be the long-awaited Cloverfield 2, a sequel which has been on the cards for a while: Abrams admitted in January last year that the movie was in production, and its proposed release date of 2011 tallies with this promotional timeslot. The video connection - Super 8 is like proto-VHS - has led a lot of nerds to believe it'll be a Cloverfield prequel, or at the very least, a re-quel just shot on really bad quality video. Was that a monster? Or just someone's arm? Curses JJ, will your magical mysteries never cease?

Of course, there's every possibility than Super 8 could turn out to be something completely different, and have nothing to do with giant mutant lizards at all. Then everyone will bitch about how Abrams is all about tickling the balls and never about working the shaft. In fact, if it isn't Cloverfield 2, we're already not interested. Way to work the PR machine JJ, you paradoxical trickster! We don't need your Snake Oil tonight!

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