New Iron Man 2 poster looks fake, isn't


24th March 2010

But, y'know... still looking forward to seeing the film. Still waiting on my invite, guys. Please? I know you overbook these things, there must be seats left. I swear to God I saw Jonathan and Paul Ross at my last screening.

At first glance, I was convinced this new international poster for Iron Man 2 was a clumsily-concoted fake, poorly copied and pasted together from various DVD pack shots and existing Iron Man artwork. After a little research I realised, sadly, that it was real, and just crap.

Dear poster people: the '2' in the movie's title already indicates it'll be "much darker than the last one", so you don't need to convey this visually with clouds. Also, tell Scarlett Johansson that Sienna Miller called - she wants her pose from the GI Joe poster back.

As for the Exploding Mickey Rourke at the bottom, well, I can only imagine you guys had a tough deadline to work towards. The last explosion I saw didn't look like lasagne, but it has been a while.

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