New poster for The Amazing Spider-Man holds an ancient secret


12th December 2011

Stop what you're doing and look at this new poster for The Amazing Spider-Man. There's a hidden image in it that will BLOW YOUR MIND (if you're a bit simple).

Just in case you were worried unnecessary franchise reboot The Amazing Spider-Man wouldn't be all dark and gloomy, here's the first teaser poster to assure you. Grey bricks, shadows and darkness. Just like the Spider-Man we know and love! Still: pretty nice spider motif.

But what's this? Mouse over the image below and you'll see a hidden face staring at you. I've added a few guide lines so you can make it out...

Move your cursor over this poster to see the hidden image

Yes, that's right: The Amazing Spider-Man poster clearly features the face of an angry Norman warrior, peeking out from under his helmet, ready for war. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Let the speculation begin! And then quickly end, with the conclusion that we're idiots.

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