New series of True Blood will feature witches, of course

Matt Looker

27th June 2011

Because, after vampires and werewolves, witches are next on the list of 'supernatural things everyone has heard of'.

The first episode of True Blood Series 4 aired stateside last night, which means, thanks to Mr Internet, we now have our first clues and details about what's in store over the coming episodes. Anyone fearing spoilers should look No, wait, not

So, the first episode of Series 4 begins with Sookie, after discovering that she is actually a fairy, returning from her trip to Fairyland to discover that she has been gone for a whole year. In that time, her brother Jason has become Deputy Sheriff, Bill has become King of the Vampires and best friend Tara has become a lesbian.

But that's not all, producer Alexander Woo has revealed that, in this new series, vampires will be pitted against a coven of witches and that this will be "their greatest threat yet". Hard to imagine after we've already seen werewolves tear people limb from limb, and whenever I hear 'witches', the first thing that springs to mind is 'Grotbags'.

Besides, this shouldn't really come as a huge shock, should it? Follow any vampire-themed tv show and witches make an appearance eventually - just look at Buffy, Vampire Diaries Duckula. I'm making a prediction right now that Season 5 will feature ghosts, zombies, angels/demons or that funny fish-swamp monster Merman.

Anyway, until then, here's a trailer for True Blood Season 4, currently being shown in the US on HBO. I'd watch this again and again, if I were you, because there's currently no date in mind as to when it will show over here in the UK, and apparently we might even have to wait until next year. Bastards.

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